Friday, 30 January 2015

On Music

Minimalism applies not only to fashion, architecture or interior design, it also applies to music.  There are some wonderful composers that we listen to who have chosen a minimalist approach to music.  One of these is Ludovico Einaudi, an Italian composer, whose work is well known worldwide.  Einuadi’s appeal lies in his approach to music, which to my non-musical ear seems to be deprived of excessive colouring, filled with pleasant repetitions and subtle twists of action.  I especially adore his piano solos. 

Have a listen here.

Keir is fond of Yann Tiersen, best know for his soundtrack for the film Amélie.  

Keir has recently discovered K.Leimer, the Canadian born, Seattle based ambient music maker.  Leimer’s work is full of enchantment, with sonic manipulations, the use of tape loops and wonderful experimentation (or so Keir tells me).  Keir is currently making his way through Leimer’s back catalogue.  Have a look out for Leimer's work online.  Spotify and Youtube have a small selection mostly of his most recent works.  His newest album, The Grey Catalog, is a good introduction.